dear diary · Rediscovering Yourself


I had a bad day today. Nothing wrong happened, i just simply didn’t have energy to do much… I barely got up and sat for 30 min on the bed convincing myself what to do today.

I managed to exercise ( which is a great victory for me) and then baked some doughnuts ( oven baked) and I felt like I just climbed Mount Everest after that. Sometimes I am having days like these… Not much energy and not much hope in my heart. And every little thing that I do ( even sometimes brushing  my hair is a real task) is a victory for me.

But I have done it already so many times…The difference between before and today is that I have actually pushed myself to do something… These doughnuts are pretty great and I did bounced around for 30 min too! A victory!

And I am here writing these few lines for you…but mostly for myself and that’s something I hasn’t done before either:)

I am sure that many of you can relate to my “today” and understand me well…

For those that don’t- please don’t judge…and try to understand:)

I have read today some good article by Michelle Kennedy Hogan- link below.



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