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Dubai Beginnings- Part 2

Hello there…

Hope you are doing just fine:) I mentioned in Part 1 ( if I can call it this way), that I have decided to give Dubai a go because I simply fall in love. Please don’t forget the fact, that I was also considering leaving UK anyway- yes i really did….:)

I came end of April in 2015, it was already starting to get hotter and hotter. In Dubai the hot season ( where temperatures reach even 50 degrees in July and August) starts from end of April, therefore right from the start I got the feeling what might happen later on…

I did realize that living here will be so much different that coming just for the vacation (which many people don’t actually), so I was kind of kind of prepared. The first 2 months   I have stayed in Abu Dhabi, which is the capital of the United Arab Emirates and I commuted mostly by taxis and with the help of M.  I remember waking up the first morning at around 4am or so by the calling for the morning prayer Fajr and that was something really new to me but also very beautiful…..

My first week was mostly updating my CV and all the activities associated with looking for a job.. One one of my first days there, I have decided to walk to the nearest mall ( which was about 15min by walk) from where I lived. Normally, it wouldn’t be nothing wrong with that, despite the fact that ( as I was told later on), you don’t do that in UAE, when it’s summer time & midday and you just don’t do that… I was very surprised as almost every car I saw, stopped by and I was asked to get in… but as I was very determined to walk, I refused and reached the mall walking, almost dehydrated and with a terrible head ache..

That was a very important lesson for me, as now, whenever I have to walk somewhere here, I carry umbrella with me, I use high factor sun scream and carry water with me…Always.. People think sometimes ( as I did at the start) that you will be just fine, but no..Don’t ever do that..and Please don’t book your holidays between May and October..

Yes- UAE is still beautiful these months, but you can’t really enjoy it as you should…

People are tempted by low prices and they think, that somehow- they will survive, but no… Go to Canary or choose some other place and UAE leave for November- April period.

Was it hard for me to get used to everything here?Hmm..I can’t really remember now…

Weather- yes, that was a big change. Food- no, not really, I think that in that sense we are spoiled in here.. Lots of sand- that’s for sure:) Diverse surrounding ( so many people from different countries). The process looking for a job – that’s a different story though – I will leave it for some other time.

Feel free to ask about anything when it comes to UAE, I know that many people see it as a paradise, some maybe not so much…so If you need ever any advice- just let me know:)

“As-Salaam Alleikum”- Peace be upon You, The Arabic Greeting I found very beautiful

And a picture of one of my favourite spots- Dubai Marina





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