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Never too many lessons…

What do you do when you are at the crossroads? So many great quotes out there, so many wise people telling you which steps to take next… And yet- you don’t know! And how explain yourself that what you have just gone through- is a valuable lesson you should be grateful for?

I lost my job, or as I should use proper term- I was laid off due to company financial situation. I was still on probation period, though It made it very easy for my employer to just- thank me for my service. It was middle of the day and I got a phone call to come and see Him. As I walked in, I knew right away that something is wrong and it won’t be a happy one… And I was right. I won’t get into details of what had been said and so on, but afterwards I was asked to leave the office. As soon as I walked out, I was removed from the company whats up group. Labour law here doesn’t really protect the employee when on probation period, therefore employees very often use it for variety of reasons. Although I was told, that I will be deeply missed and so on, the whole experience of that day left me very humiliated. I wasn’t given any notice, couldn’t stay even until the end of the same day….

I am still reeling from the whole experience and although it’s time for me to move one and take from the whole situation valuable lesson for the future- I get nightmares…Everyone standing around me, laughing.. Yes- I am over- sensitive bla bla bla…

The question is- where is decency in nowadays working environment? You give 100% of your skills, experience and once you are not needed- they will just thank you and kick you out…

I liked my job, but it’s time to move forward, to new ventures…

Maybe that’s not what you want to read about, but it’s the first time something like that happened to me and maybe by putting it all here, I can finally move on…

Time for the next chapter:)



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