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PMS- For Her & Him

It’s this time of the month- only few days left, I am already feeling very heavy and craving sweets all the time and…ehhhh not good at all. Probably you guessed already what I am talking about ( either you are female or male). Yes- PMS ( Premenstrual Syndrome) and that’s what I want to talk about in this post. Why? Because it has been a major part of my adult life and I have only recently start taking care of it…

Growing up I did not get much information from my mom regarding menstruation and what it means for us- women ( and also for men, by the matter of fact). When I discovered what’s happening with my body, I was very scared at first and shocked and it took me many years to stabilize my periods. I have always noticed that few days prior, I become very nervous and felt, that my body is not like at any other time of the month…I started reading more about that then I knew that’s is what they call PMS. It does not affect only myself as being a woman, but also our partners, friends, working life and so on….

According to NASP ( National Association for Premenstrual Syndrome) PMS is a chronic condition experienced by menstruating women which is characterised by distressing physical, behavioural and psychological symptoms that regularly recur during the luteal phase of the  menstrual cycle ( from ovulation to the onset of a period) and that disappear or  significantly diminish by the end of the period (menstruation).PMS symptoms may be experienced continuously from ovulation to menstruation, for 7 days before, at ovulation for 3-4 days and again just prior to menstruation and in other patterns. Some women do not experience relief from symptoms until the day of the heaviest flow.

If the normal cycle lasts 28 days, some women may even experience the PMS for as long as half of the cycle…. You may not be yourself for 14 days….Can you imagine? I can…I am in it… But that’s not it…

We mentioned above PMS, but do you know that many women are suffering from PMDD (Premenstrual dysphoric disorder). Premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) is a condition in which a woman has severe depression symptoms, irritability, and tension before menstruation. The symptoms of PMDD are more severe than those seen with PMS. Many women with that condition will suffer anxiety and depression. It really affects women’s life, interrupts with daily routine and make us feel very very down. They symptoms will disappear at the beginning of the cycle. Then 2 weeks or more ( if I am lucky) and then again….

Are there any remedies? Can we help ourselves? Yes, fortunately we can…

They are natural remedies and I have already implemented majority of them ( yes still working on the rest) and definitely noticed a difference.  Read the article- it’s really great dose of knowledge for those opting for natural remedies.There are also medications and psychological therapy  available. I personally chose the natural  options ( with some vitamins). It all started with my wonderful gynecologist, who didn’t want to prescribe me any hormones or contraceptive pills without trying first other ( less invasive options) and that’s how I have been introduced at first to primrose oil.

So I keep fighting, a lot has changed already throughout the course of 1 year. There is still a lot to be done and I feel positive about that.

The reason I wanted to dedicate this post for PMS/PMDD was not to educate you All about that as probably you all heard about that already ( or not) but to raise awareness of how big problem it can be for many women and how deeply affect their lifes ( and their loved ones). If you are a women reading this, please remember- there is many like you, don’t stay silent, don’t feel alone and please seek help. For all the male readers- I know that PMS can affect you as bad, but please be understanding, help them and don’t just think how badly tempered we are.

For many years I felt so bad because of my sudden mood changes, I hurt those close to me and didn’t know why… I suffered in silence and sometimes felt so bad, that I thought of taking my own life. It is not a taboo subject, it is a very much important one for both sexes, for everyone and we ought to educate ourselves and the others.

Stay positive…don’t give up…be aware but not powerless…


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