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Why the hate…Why not love?

Since I was  a little girl i have always kept wondering why do we people have so much hate towards other people? I remember being bullied at school because I was a bit shy and smaller than the other children and at that time didn’t really know how to defend myself. Both boys and the girls would come to me, push or simply abuse verbally…. I thought that maybe I am doing something wrong and I kept thinking- If only I be nice to them, they surely will leave me alone…. they didn’t….

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Hatred or hate is a deep and extreme emotional dislike. It can be directed against individuals, groups, entities, objects, behaviors, or ideas. Hatred is often associated with feelings of anger, disgust and a disposition towards hostility ( courtesy Wikipedia).

You may think- we are all human beings, we belong to one species yet we dislike each other sometimes very much…. To that extent that we bully, abuse, steal, murder and go to war against each other… Yes- I know the world would be too perfect without it right?

What would the media do? Politicians? All these lawyers? Would be so much boring…Ehhh  just keep the hatred going….

When i went to UK during one summer to be able to save some money for my studies, I remember being so very happy when I discovered how many different nations, cultures and religion are present there…And the fact that we could all communicate in one language was just mind blowing:) I worked in KFC and had chinese manager ( the best ever), spanish, british, polish, russian and korean colleagues at work. Despite all the differences we would always talk about the food we like and always look for something that connects us rather than differ. Because we should always look for sameness rather than dissimilarities…Why? For the reason that by doing that, we may hate each other a bit less as human beings….

There is so much happening right now in the world, and every day my heart literally breaking on and on and I just keep thinking…. why? If we only treat others the way we wish to be treated….It’s not the political correctness but awareness of ours and other people rights to live modestly, to have water & food on their table, to be safe, loved and respected….

In UK I did experience a lot of wonderful acts of how to be simply a good human to other humans but I also saw how low you can get in life only because you have so much hatred inside you…Oh yes I did….

When coming to UAE, I didn’t really think of what the situation will be like here, I knew that there was time for the next chapter and I moved on, but being here I must say that what I like the most about that country is that respect and universal values towards each other. Of course it’s not perfect, there are many people that tend to gather only with compatriots and so on, but generally speaking- you don’t feel afraid of going out at night  or admitting of where are you from or what is your religion. You see women in niqab next to a one wearing tank top…. Indian restaurant next to a Russian and so on…. I like it so much…..

Because what matters most is what kind of a person you are, what you are actions towards each other and others….Do you respect yourself? Only when you will- you can start respecting others…. Love yourself and you will love others….

My grandma was a wonderful person and she taught me to always be kind to others regardless of their origin, beliefs and skin colour… She didn’t really travel  much, spent most of her life taking care of her children and grandchildren but even though and regardless of the fact that she was very catholic she would always tell me-  “There is one God and we are all one human family” And I am so very thankful to her  for that words, that coming from a small village in a very nationalistic and catholic Poland, I am able now to live next to Muslim, Hindu, Orthodox and Atheists…. Sometimes is very difficult to be  so “political correct” as others might describe me, but I wouldn’t change it for anything else… As I know that I have now learned how to conquer my childhood nightmares  and forgive those that bullied me so many years ago…

I don’t have hate in my heart… I don’t and my only wish for this world is to love more and hate less….. I know that there is so much good happening, that there are so many great humans out there…but sometimes we simply get lost a bit and need a reminder to go back to a right path:)

We are humans after all….







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