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2 Years in Dubai…. What I like…

Oh my…It has already been 2 years since I came to Dubai. Exactly two years ago, I have landed at the Dubai International Airport with my very heave luggage. I couldn’t take much anyway- but all my earrings came with me:)

The time has flown so quickly, that when I think of that- it really scares me! So much has happened- 2 jobs, 5 apartments, 1 car. And most importantly- 2 summers ( temperatures here are reaching up to 50 degrees between May until October, therefore mentioning it is a really big deal to me:).

Coming here just for the summer and living here is two totally different things. Dubai has evolved so much during these past 45 years ( since the Union) and it’s amazing what they could achieve and still so much is happening. Expo is coming in 2020 and they the whole country is preparing for that big event.

What do I like most about living here? Certainly the safety ( UAE is 2nd safest country after Finland) and I do really feel safe here. Seats only for women and children in the buses and metro is a real luxury, even waiting for the bus in a queue ( yes people are waiting patiently, no one is arguing) the bus driver is very often inviting ladies first. It is really something… I like that:)

I like the respect and understanding shown towards other cultures and religion. Yes- we are in Muslim country, so we ought to be aware, that when Ramadan comes you can’t drink water publicly during the day, chew gum or eat in front of those who fast etc. I remember on my first Ramadan here, I was kind of shy to eat in front of my fasting friends at work, but it turns out that that majority people simply won’t mind. They will not condemn you or stop fasting only because they will see you eat, but it’s rather the courtesy and respect that we should ( in my opinion) show others. I find it very respectful towards non-Muslim, that during Ramadan the working hours are being cut to 6 ( not 8 per day) for everyone ( regardless of the fact, that you are Muslim or not).  There are churches, mosques, Indian temples and so on…. Freedom of religion does exist here! And though Christmas or Easter are not public holidays, employers often give those who request days off. People from different backgrounds work side by side and exchange information about their origin, cultures and so on…I love it!

Another thing is like about Dubai is the food:) I mean- Emirati cuisine is very yammi and I always look forward to have some good Mandi, but what I mena by my previous statement is the variety of restaurants, cafes and so on offering food from every corner of the earth:) You fancy peruvian on Monday-  here you go, sushi on Tuesday and so on…At your doorstep:) That’s why I didn’t really cook much for the 1st year here ( yes weight gain involved unfortunately:( But hey- that foood….:)

I don’t really lead a glamorous life in here, I don’t party, don’t drink nor hang out at the clubs….but still I think that life in Dubai is pretty good…. It’s bloody expensive ( especially accommodation) and the weather is too hot…..etc…But still- pretty good….

Don’t listen to those stereotypes about Dubai, you simply need to visit it and see for yourself… You will like it:)

But please- don’t come up with the idea of visiting between May and October ( now it’s already very hot- and is only 16th of April)….

I will write a separate blog about my dislikes….( yes life is no perfect here).

Below I enclosed a link to one of the websites, that you might want to have a look at in case you are planning your travel here:)\


Take Care xxx

Happy Easter!


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