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2 years in Dubai…What I don’t like…

Hi everyone:)

You have probably forgot all about me:( I am sorry I will try to get better…I really like being here and hoping that someone will read it and possibly not dislike it completely…

In my last post I said few words about what I really like about Dubai and me being here.

This time I will say about what I don’t like or what I don’t agree with… I will try not to be too harsh but well- I am pretty straightforward person so – wait for it:)

1). Inequality when it comes to job pay

Having had so many nationalities under one roof is amazing when it comes to getting to know different cultures and cuisines etc. but unfortunately it does involve also differences when it comes to recruiting people and paying them. It’s not a secret, that Dubai does differentiate between an employee for ex. from India, Phili[ines and an employee from USA, UK or Germany. Yes very often these people have a great education from renowned universities but… Very often it is not the case but simply where you are from… India’s have great experts in IT or digital designing, yet they are paid almost half or even less then their western colleagues, why? Everywhere you go- I mean supermarket, restaurant and so on, you see employees coming from either Asia, Africa… It reminds me of UK a bit, where sometimes all factories are occupied only by Polish people. I don’t like that… and I will never accept the fact, that you are getting paid only because you are British ( for example)….

2). Weather

I knew what i am signing for in that department by coming here, but I was a bit overwhelmed during my first summer here. I have learned very quickly that you are not leaving the house without a bottle of water, sunglasses ( UV UV),, face cream with factor 50 ( for my white skin) and an umbrella.  Around mid April temperatures start raising slowly and humidity in the evenings. August and July are the months where 50 degrees is not a single case. Usually during the summer here, majority of residents ( but also locals) choose to spend that time abroad ( that’s when I like to go home as well). So although I am being surrounded by the palm trees and wonderful views- it’s only 6 months really when I can truly enjoy it. And I don’t complaint no, when I lived in UK, It has been either rain or wind or both:) Many tourists coming here disregard these high temperatures and they still come because of the lower prices of the plane tickets, but I am always advising against it. Not only temperatures are very high but also the humidity in the evenings doesn’t really let to fully enjoy your time in UAE.

3). Maids/ Nannies

I need to write about this, I really do… Dubai is a very busy city for a very busy people…. And quite few of them earn quite a big money, therefore it is a common practice to “have” a nanny/ maid. In many cases they live with the families, in a small rooms with no window ( yes I have seen it myself). I have heard of many working with no days off, being “mistreated”, not having the passports with them…. Not to mention the way some of them are being dressed. And once again- Asian, African countries…  It is not a common practice for ALL families in UAE. As anywhere else there a good and bad people and the way “maids” are being treated vary of course. It is not true that only certain nationalities conduct this way, but it true that that is what is happening. We can’t just take some things for granted- because it’s happening everywhere else it can happen here, because these people are uneducated or from poor countries we can take advantage of them. No!

4). Drunkeness and Nakedness in clubs, sometimes public places…

Yes- some of you might just crtiticise me for what I say now, but that is my personal opinion ( please remember that). Many say that they wouldn’t come to Dubai because it’s a Muslim country and they can’t behave like “normally”. In general you should not kiss in public or hug in public and so on, and people respect that coming here. You see couples holding hands and I don’t see anything wrong with that and other either. I went for a few concerts here on the beach or been to the club as well and I must say that- almost naked bodies everywhere… so many drunk people. I didn’t like that kind of behavior when I was in UK- drunk people everywhere in the pubs or clubs past midnight and when I have encountered that here- I was not pleased. Dubai is a party place for many and they earn good money for all that alcohol they sell- yes they do. But seeing all these plus bare a…cheeks and no bra and so on… I chose not to go to these places anymore. Yes it is my choice, we have freedom of movement in that regards in UAE. But please don’t tell me that is not happening…because it is…

These were the main factors that I wanted to mention when it comes to my UAE dislikes… I can write more about the traffic, speeding on the roads and so on but I think you might get very bored….

When you think of Dubai you may have some assumptions because of what you heard pr read or seen in the media and etc. but I would urge you not too… Always have your eyes and hearts open to both pluses and minuses of this place. I love it for giving me an opportunity to live in a very peaceful environment, for having such a great friends from different corners of the earth and I would not give it for anything else. I think that everyone should come and live here for a bit as it really teaches you ( or it should) how to respect and love people only because they are people….

Stay safe and warm and come to Dubai:)

PS.- Message me if you have some questions of what I wrote above… Join me on facebook:)


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